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"Not often can you look around a room full of people and realize that although they all came for different reasons, each one of them is someone you genuinely would want to spend time with. That's one of the things that makes Ultimate Hike unique."

-Frank Breitman, Dolly Sods and Alumni Challenge Hiker

"There's something about being on the trail as the sun comes up...Everything takes on an amazing aura and anything seems possible, perhaps even surviving the loss of your child. Training for the Ultimate Hike helped me begin to heal from the ultimate loss."

-Tina Brownfield, Pacific Crest Trail Hiker

"Completing the Ultimate Hike is challenging for sure, but it is a walk in the park compared to what children with cancer go through."

-Drew Edwards, Ozark Highlands Trail Hiker

Welcome to Ultimate Hike

Ultimate Hike is a life changing, lifesaving adventure! Accomplish a once-in-a-lifetime goal, make new friends, and help CureSearch for Children's Cancer fund lifesaving research. With your help, together we can change the odds for children with cancer. Join us for a hike in your area, or increase the adventure by training on your own for a hike that's far away. By hiking with us, you are changing the odds for the more than 40,000 children, adolescents, and young adults who are currently undergoing treatment for pediatric cancer, as well as in the 42 children who are newly diagnosed each day.

New in 2014: Ultimate Hike - Create Your Adventure

Ultimate Hike: Create Your Adventure is your chance to plan your lifesaving adventure from start to finish. All you need is a trail and your own two feet! The events that inspired this new program were a one mile youth hike/GPS scavenger hunt and a three person trek to the top of a mountain in Ecuador, so as you can see, there is a lot of room for variety. Whether you do a solo trek, involve your child's youth group, or hike with 100 of your closest friends, every step you take will make a difference. Stay close to home or trek across another country. The best part? You get to set your own fundraising goals, from $1-$100,000. Sign up for Ultimate Hike: Create Your Adventure today, or email us at UltimateHike@CureSearch.org to learn more. Where will you go to find a cure?

Ultimate Hike Weekend
What is the Traditional Ultimate Hike? Watch this video to learn more.

Ultimate Hike - Traditional

In 2014, CureSearch will be hosting four traditional Ultimate Hikes. Use the map below to find an Ultimate Hike near you, or see the 2014 Ultimate Hikes here. Don't see a Hike near you? Ultimate Hike will work to pick you up at the airport so you can travel to an adventure in another part of the country, or take advantage of the opportunity to Create Your Adventure!

About CureSearch

CureSearch for Children's Cancer is a national non-profit organization that funds and supports targeted and innovative children's cancer research with measurable results, and is the authoritative source of information and resources for all those affect by children's cancer.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you are participating in a traditional Ultimate Hike, the next step is to select your hike and attend a local information meeting, or contact us at UltimateHike@CureSearch.org if there is no meeting near you. If you are participating in Ultimate Hike: Create Your Adventure, the next step is to either register online at www.UltimateHike.org/Adventure, or contact us to learn more.

CureSearch for Children's Cancer
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